Monday, March 30, 2009



Six to ten thousand years ago began your earth
From wiles of talking serpents you sounded alert
Shellfish eating sodomites guilty of double abomination
Creator created in your image over all creation did give you domination
For your professional piety you were promoted to priest in first theocracy
We the prehistoric people were robbed of our communal democracy

In Athens you lost your subjects but not your slaves by democracy
Ptolemy told how sun and stars revolved around your earth
Under Rome you were a pharisee in a monotheistic theocracy
From hexes and vexes of opposite sexes you gave alert
You prayed for an apocalyptical messiah to restore your domination
A woman caught in adultery but not her partner was an abomination

You now loved lobster but homosexuality still an abomination
You denounced debauchery of sex deviants in decadent Greek democracy
In Medieval Europe you were given back your domination
You fared sumptuously from labor of serfs who plowed your earth
Against heliocentric heresy of godless Galileo you gave alert
No light allowed in your Dark Ages theocracy

You replaced European peasants with African slaves in New World theocracy
Bourgeoisie building wealth from colony plunder and slave labor no abomination
From bawdy bards and Robin Hood wealth re-distributers you sounded alert
We the people lost our commons under “enlightened” English democracy
Missionaries and merchants you sent forth to colonize the earth
You raged against papal, Muslim or ungodly despot domination

But raved from Salem pulpits the glories of Puritan domination
You waged war to keep slaves private property in Confederate theocracy
You maximize profits from industries which rape Mother Earth
Entrepreneurs who got filthy rich from sweatshop work no abomination
There was a reign of Klan terror in your Jim Crow democracy
Against welfare cheats driving Cadillacs you sound alert

But against bourgeois attempts to loot social security you give no alert
You have sold your soul for Mammon’s worldwide domination
Evolution myth and global warming hoax in your home school theocracy
Labor and gay unions voted our of your Bible Belt democracy
Olympic gold medal winners who smoke pot an abomination
Further right you swim to the edge of your flat earth

We must alert the people to the perils of theocracy
No, to fundy domination! No, to fundy abomination!
Yes, to democracy for all people! Yes, to cure of Mother Earth!

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mary Frances Spencer


we are all ages
bodies mapping time
mixed colors ages
grandma is here too
dipping in pools
lounging in salty steam
breathing jade oxygen
we find a moment
to be free
to shed the old
today we
are all
and have never been more

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Mary Frances Spencer


spiral down
magnetic darkness
intense negativity
attracts more

hides under the heavy
cloak fear
dire predictions
leaden footsteps
to nowhere

when light annoys
irritant spark
the hibernating
come out and taste

lightening of this storm
crack through clouds
melt the frozen
light a forgotten pyre

burn away bloated
as soft ashes fall

flower petal spring
must bloom

Monday, March 9, 2009

Ruth Nolan

the mother of gods

She’s not a mirage, cold at this altitude
somewhere, talking, between snow slides and sand dunes
coffee avalanche, a wired bird, wings sliding draftward
to a daft cold escape. Desert or mountain,
one can’t be certain, lopped windmill
slapping time with too steep geography,
north America’s sharpest drop and rise
jump, fall, swoop upward, the venturi effect
blockades the fog, clouds, mirrored water, snake gathering

Date a cougar, engage in IM sex on AOL buddy systems. matches up Christians and agnostics
And pray you’ll catch a draft. MILF, alive and well,
Stacy’s Mom, neighbors avoid rent and move overnight.
We’ll fuck at your apartment between the hours of 1-4 pm
somewhere in Topanga Canyon, the narrow passage
between the hot valley and drop to cool Malibu.
Plenty of fish shows a man with wild hair, gather them
In between, where the sun falls and ascends. Summer heat
behind the curtain, ready to descend, toxic shrew.

It’s real, and too hot beneath a down blanket. The gate
Is busted out again, the fridge is new on borrowed money,
the washing machine spin cycle doesn’t wring enough
water out, a young adult daughter steals your clothes.
He wants you to meet at Horsethief Creek this
time, an up and down 2.5 mile hike ending at water,
cottonwoods or high pines, dry by summer, landing hard,
full moon again, yanking up the dry lakebed, storied winds
dying in childbirth, landscaping the southern stars.