Saturday, August 22, 2009

Michelle Angelini


does things according to self-desires
moves furniture before eating breakfast
leaves dishes to wash until the next morning
has no one to order (or at least mostly so)
what is allowed in her private space

once she heard a poet perform
her work in third person singular
a style that makes this author comfortable
now courage to compose poems
in this voice arises moves forward

is a child of the planet identifying
with all its elements
fire in her heart
air beneath her wings
earth in her heart
water-flowed words

befriends animals
tells them secret desires
they will keep to themselves
returning unconditional love unreservedly
has no intention of gratifying people
as she once did for friendship’s sake
or to back down from things they’ve said
in lessons learned that concern herself and others
she’s becoming more astute

believes in a Saviour who walks
with her through the day
guards sleep as the moon slips
across the dark sky
He is radiance
these beliefs keep her steady
and she understands no matter what happens
He’s always there so
trust is intrinsic
intimacy grows

plays with words as on a palette of paints
creates pictures with them
makes language into a shape she desires
in her hands they have learned
to become striking artwork
an expressional exhibition
which tells about harvests gathered
showers nourished
a life fully alive
with each nimble movement
her fingers make on keyboard
or holding a pen